Spring Chalkboard Doodles

When I first I saw those wonderful chalkboard art pictures appearing on my Pinterest, my fingers began itching to grasp a piece of chalk and begin drawing! Recently I ordered a small chalkboard from Amazon and nabbed a box of 99 cents box of chalk from Target. Each week I copy a Scripture verse or phrase of a hymn and keep it sitting on my kitchen counter. The nice part? The chalkboard fits exactly under my cabinet and hides the ugly phone outlet we no longer use. The even better part? Each time I glance at the verse or hymn,  my thoughts turn to things above. And with all the time I spend in the kitchen, that’s a lot of glancing!

The first few times I inscribed a verse, I tried meticulously copying fancy lettering and flourishes from my Pinterest posts. But now I just have fun doodling and creating, and I spend the extra time doing something else fun (like blogging).This past week, with temperatures soaring into the 70’s here in NC, and buds and blooms popping out all over, I decided to use my little chalkboard to celebrate spring and the One who made it. Here’s a picture of my little chalkboard, imperfect lettering and all. Perhaps it will inspire you to pick up a piece of chalk and begin your own doodles!


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