Lenten Rose

Several years ago, a dear lady from our church invited Mike and I over to her home to gather some plants from her wonderful flowerbeds. We walked around her yard, and she pointed out perennials and told us about each one. I dug some up with a trowel and plopped them in my yard when we came home. I promptly forgot about many of them, but this spring, a beautiful Lenten Rose appeared in my front flower bed and I remembered my afternoon with Esther. I tried to capture the beautiful flower in my nature journal, but the creamy pale green color eluded me. However, I wanted to share my joy in this gorgeous piece of God’s creation, so here are some photos for you!


Nature Journal

Nature Journal



I have to admit, January and February are not my favorite months for painting in my nature journal; even the evergreens are dull and not very inspiring. So, I was delighted to see the crocuses blooming in my front yard! This year we had more than ever before, and I was excited about being able to paint with my favorite color, purple.


I began my nature journal when I began teaching, since nature study is a part of our curriculum, and students keep nature journals. I first started my own journal as an example, but soon I fell in love with the process of noticing beauty in my surroundings and capturing it in my journal. Painting from nature increases our powers of observation and causes us to praise the creator and his marvelous works. My husband loves my nature journal paintings (even though I don’t consider myself to have any artistic talent), and so for Christmas, he had a couple of my nature journal entries enlarged, copied, and framed. What a wonderful gift!

Framed daffodils