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Landscaping Project #1

I didn’t post on my blog at all in May, but I was busy! May always brings a slew of yardwork and landscaping, and this May we were especially busy with two large projects. The first project involved a little curb appeal around the front entrance to the house. When we moved here, the entire front of the house was surrounded by a hedge. Well, if you know me, hedges are definitely not my style! Hedges bring to mind words like plain, orderly, neat rows, trimming, upkeep. (If you have hedges at your house, I still love you.) It took a while to win my husband over, but now he thinks it was his idea to get rid of the hedge around our entryway, so he chopped out the shrubs last fall. We did some initial plantings then, but when spring came, I had to get busy choosing more plants and then planting them. I definitely love shopping for plants better that actually digging holes! Here are some before and after pictures. I took the “after” picture last month, so the plants are a little larger now and look even better. I’ve also added a couple of caladiums.

 Old hedges

New landscaping