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Sprucing up the windows

Spring always brings about the desire to spruce up the house a bit; I crave color and light after the dreary grays and cold of winter. The perfect solution for me this spring was to get rid of the heavy gold valances in my windows for something a little brighter and more colorful. It makes me wonder what I was thinking to buy those old valances in the first place! However, the answer is that they matched the couch perfectly, and they do look fine in the autumn and winter. I like valances rather than curtains so I can see the nature in our back yard; when we moved here we planted flowers, ground cover, and shrubs on the slope in the back yard, and I can sit on the couch and view these plantings, as well as the birds and butterflies that like to visit them.Right now I have a view of pink and red azaleas, and later in the summer I will have knock-out roses and crepe myrtles.

Here are some pictures of the before and after; it is hard to take pictures of valances in the daylight, but I hope you get the idea.I used a Waverly fabric, “Pom Pom Play,” and I love the playfulness and the colors!



New valance

New valance


old valance